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A fortnight 'fore HOPE an' all thro' the 'Net
γ€€Hackers were pepping their stuff (you can bet!)
Friday at 5 starts the fun galore!
γ€€Third Av 'tween Streets 5-3 and 5-4.

I am now down such a rabbit hole of yak shaving that I am now looking up the instructions to build the chromoting linux host service in the hopes that I can easily compile it for raspbian...

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Oh sweet, GIMP 2.10 was just released today (it's been on 2.8.x for 6 years), and looks very nice! I can't wait until this release hits Fedora/Debian repos

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im a big LINK DOWN fan
my fav album is NO ROUTE TO HOST

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Welp, after much head banging, some SQL magic and a bunch of help from some SAML masters - I've finally got this mastodon instance working the way I want. TO PRODUCTION!

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lmao - love masto, always open-source
omg - our mod @Gargron
wtf - welcome to fediverse
imho - instance moderation & hosting opportunities
smfh - so many furries here
idgaf - I decentralized; gotta avoid facebook

Sweet, a new edition of 2600 Magazine. Today was a good day!

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I am pleased to announce the start of development of Nikgod Heavy Industries' new flagship microservice:

Using our extensive experience in Machine Learning and Generative Adversarial Networks, we will finally be able to solve one of the world's most elusive problems: is this rope, or a terribly coiled cable?

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Welp, a bunch of friends have torn through the firmware of my PA speakers. This weekend, we root my...speakers. We live in a very strange world people.

I had a similar experience when I interned at a company. The only mail client I had access to was OWA, with no select all functionality. It was tedious to clean it all up.

Just got back from watching "Ready Player One". It was a decent flick.

And the hotel room for HOPE is booked! Tickets in hand, it is starting to feel real!

The EFF has put together a guide for Android users for checking if facebook is collecting your call and text metadata, and how to turn it off. Sadly it isn't known how to delete any metadata that has already been collected yet.

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Critical security patch dropped today for Drupal. Update your shit people. This is not a drill.

Oh no, it is coming up on 2am and I am still awake. What have I done?

Hello, world! Or, at least the people in the world. Or, at least the people that use mastodon.